MING 2019 Oil on Silk over canvas 81 x 84 x 4cm Contact to enquire about availability

British Overground 2019 oil and mixed media on paper, framed, 74 x 74cm enquire about availability

SEX, 2020 oil and mixed media on silk over canvas 50 x 50cm enquire about availability 

Vacant Offices, Victoria 2019 Oil on Silk over Canvas 76 x 76cm Private Collection Poland

Facade Yellow and Black, Oil on Silk and Canvas Stretcher 79 x 79cm framed (2018) contact for details and availability

Last Stand, Oil on Silk over Canvas and Board 30 x 40cm (2018) Private Collection UK

Ownership Oil on Silk over Board, (2018) 33 x 33cm Private Collection Scotland

Big Society II, Oil on Linen, 106 x 108cm (2011) contact for details and availability

Ascending, San Francisco  oil on canvas 127 x 127cm (2013) Contact to enquire about availability

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